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If people within your organisation don't follow through on their own change adoption, the company as a whole will not integrate the changes the management has laid out for them. New structures or processes will ricochet. Making the personal transitions of your people measurable and managable, will aid the company in its transformation. 


Innovation is a means of creating value and staying relevant for your customers in today's non-stop changing world. There is no one right way of excercising innovation but it requires of different way of think for a new age of digitization, evolving technology, intangible global processes and volatile but complex interactions. 

Business Legends identifies three key elements in chaging and innovating your organisation

Emotional Change

The deepest layer of resistance is often hard to share with colleagues or managers. Its manifests as an insible wall, not being able to point to why a change won't be accepted in your organisation. Our Change Coaches offer an independent, objective and unbiased antenna that leads to a better grip on change and innovation.

Cognitive Change

People or teams in your organisations have valid reasons for not wanting to implement a change. And the arguments never seem to stop. Cognitive resistance should be listened to so that reasons can be opened up for new strategies to change.

Behavioural Change

Identifying Change Parameters, tracking them, extracting meaning, creating a sense of urgency and ownership for them and iteratively change behavior: that's what our Coaches thrive on! We pave the way for your organisation's succes.




As an organisation it’s important to know where you stand in the field of innovation and change. You must define why you want to innovate, in what way, how, via what structures and with what people or partners. A myriad of questions need answering and Business Legends help you with that. Depending on your situation we can offer an IQ (Innovation Quality) or CQ (Change Quality) scan. After that, we help your organisation with creating scenarios, defining targets, your unique value creation goals, plotting your direction and developing your own unique vision and approach on innovation.


Once your organisations knows it's path, we help you specify internal or external projects and milestones that’ll help you innovate your company and implement your change trajectory. Based on your strategy, we help you reach out to the players in the field that you need most. Our Change & Innovation Coaches help your people change your company and will use a data-driven approach to measure progress and reach milestones.


Once the innovation process has been implemented, Business Legends helps you refine your activities by sewing them into your existing business in the way best suited to fullfil your organisation’s needs. Most organisations experience trouble in making a project driven innovation part of their day to day business. Business Legends helps you with that. In addition, we can measure whether or not certain initiatives in your organisations should be adopted, changed or discarded. Our Change & Innovation Coaches can objectively give advice and act upon that, making your organisation

Our Change & Innovation Coaches

Ludwine Dekker, Co-Founder

Ludwine has been named the #11 Crowdfunding Expert worldwide by Inc.com, has initiated the Dutch Crowdfunding Awards, has helped build a U.S., OTC Listed equity crowdfunding plaform, helped 45+ companies in raising over €1 million in total and has helped both start-up and corporates in their business model development and innovation trajectories. As an Innovation & Change Consultant, she is specialised in Digital Humanities and loves the field of digital and alternative finance.

Gerben Dekker, Co-Founder

Gerben Dekker has a background in psychology, has been trained in interhuman relations, coaching and identifying problems in cognitive and behavioural problems. His main interested is finding out key drivers in human behaviour and how to contextualize human behaviour, making him a highly specialised change and innovation coach at Business Legends.